Federation of Employers of Ukraine

The Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FEU) is the most powerful nationwide organization of employers in the history of Ukraine representing employers’ interests in economic, social and labor relations with the government and with unions at the national level. As the most progressive employers’ organization being completely neutral to any political movements, the FEU has pursuing its statutory goals building on many years of experience of West European employers’ organizations. The FEU today unites over 70 sectoral and territorial associations featuring Ukraine’s pivotal industries including machine building, metallurgy, agribusiness, chemical production, fuels and energy, civil engineering, textile and food production, services sector. The enterprises being members of organizations under the FEU umbrella collectively employ over 5 million people and account for almost 70 percent of Ukraine’s GDP.

The FEU sees its mission in further consolidation of Ukrainian employers’ efforts aimed at the improvement of the country’s business environment, elevation of the Ukrainian business’ status worldwide and maintaining a good balance of interests of all stakeholders in the socio-economic development process: the public, the government and the corporate world.

To achieve these priorities, we:

  • Interact with the government;
  • Pursue active regional policies;
  • Reform relations within the business community;
  • Further social partnership;
  • Foster Ukrainian companies’ integration in the global economy.

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